The investment deposit

The investment deposit


The investment deposit is the amount deposited with the bank for a certain period and the depositary is entitled to increased profits the longer the term and the more the investment and the investment of the Bank's bank deposits in a thoughtful manner and through solid companies.

Our Bank guarantees you the following terms and conditions:

- The organization of an agreement on the terms and conditions to be complied with by the parties.
- All of the Bank's investments are in accordance with Islamic Sharia.
- The customer is a partner of the bank in the profits he earns from the investment of investment deposit money.
- Easy terms to open an investment deposit account.
- Accepting investment deposits in local and foreign currency.
- Investment deposits can be kept from 3 months to 1 year.
- Access to banking facilities to guarantee investment deposits.

It is possible to maintain your savings and ensure the return of a proportional to the size of your deposits for investment by opening an account to invest in our bank and receive your requests to open individual or joint accounts and companies and institutions.

For your future, to keep your money and to get a return, join us in our investment activities for a better future.

Department of Banking Awareness and Public Protection

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