Saving is an important economic phenomenon in the life of each individual and represents the savings of surplus income, ie the difference between income and expenditure on goods and services. In order to maintain and develop the surplus income you can invest in the savings account with our bank benefiting from the following benefits and services:

1- Your savings account will be opened without any commission.
2 - the possibility of opening the account in local currencies and the US dollar and the European euro.
3 - You can withdraw from the balance of your account without a certain limit and at any time you wish.
4. The longer you keep your account balance, the better the savings will be.
5. Telephone service is available throughout the week and during business hours.
6 - Full compliance with Islamic law and its provisions in our dealings and in the field of financing projects through your savings.

Contribute through us to invest your surplus funds to be a partner with us in financing development projects that provide services to all members of the community and achieve you safety and independence and secure your future.

Department of Banking Awareness and Public Protection

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