A system of integrated systems and programs provided by Arab Islamic Bank to its customers, in order to facilitate the operation of secure payments, and operates under the umbrella of the rules and laws that ensure the confidentiality of insurance and protection of procurement procedures and ensure access to the service are:

Credit: Used to make purchases but in a credit (ie, a financial debt). Upon receipt of the invoice, the total amount of the transactions must be paid the total amount due before maturity, accompanied by a profit margin imposed on the amount due after the end of the grace period.
Discount: Called the debit card because it is directly linked to the customer's account. When the card is used for purchases or cash withdrawals, the amount is debited from the bank account immediately.

Prepaid and default: The prepaid card works like any other credit card - but you only limit how much you spend with your prepayment, and do not require a minimum balance or open a bank account.

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